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I provide bookkeeping services for small businesses to help you spend more time enjoying your business.

     Owning a small business can provide so many rewarding experiences.  Maybe you help a mother pick fabric to make a quilt for her for first child, or provide a wonderful meal for a 50th wedding anniversary, or help order parts to rebuild a dream classic car.  Unfortunately it can also mean cleaning toilets, paying bills, trying to help unhappy customers, and more not so great experiences.


     I want to help you have more time to enjoy your business.  I can help manage your payroll and bookkeeping.  Or maybe you just need some help filing quarterly payroll taxes, or end of the year financial statements.  I can help you with your bookkeeping and payroll needs so you can have more time to build your business and continue the dream that got you started.

     I grew up helping in both of my parents businesses and learned a lot about the struggles business owners can have.  I also learned of the joy there is in owning a business and the drive that keeps people pursuing their dreams.


    I helped my dad with his auto parts store for many years, starting with dusting the shelves as a child and eventually helping manage the store.  I started my bookkeeping knowledge when I helped him in his store in high school.  I then took Accounting classes in college and continued bookkeeping after college as well as working at a loan officer at a local credit union.  I have the knowledge of both bookkeeping and owning a business which will help me understand your needs as a small business owner.

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